Is Mayonnaise A Podcast?

The Podcast

A weekly SpongeBob SquarePants podcast exploring life lessons from past episodes of Nickelodeon's beloved show.

Your hosts


Josh Hemmo

Josh Hemmo is 25 years old and from Tucson, AZ. He's a freelance lighting designer who's had the great opportunity of traveling and working for theaters  all over the country. 

Josh has loved Spongebob since its premier back in 1999. His favorite character is Squidward and "Texas" and "Band Geeks" are his favorite episodes. He dreams of one day enjoying a hamburger as perfect as the Krabby Patty.

Omar Lopez.jpg

Omar Lopez

Omar Lopez is a 25 year old currently living in New York City. When he isn't nursing his glass bones and paper skin, he works as a Freelance Cinematographer in the TV and Film Industry. 

Omar has been a longtime fan of Spongebob and can be witnessed screaming CHOCOLATE whenever the opportunity presents itself. He believes there is a Spongebob episode for every life situation.